The High Mid-Lows

and upper mediums

Once upon a Time what I dreamed not of…

I think about having an emotional affair. Not in an angry or vengeful way, I just remember how it felt to be wanted, cared for, treasured. I remember the spark.

How did I become a grown man’s mommy? It really feels that way sometimes and like I’ve been coerced somehow into a deal I never signed up for.

Don’t wanna hurt him, just want to feel alive again.

Denis Nolet 1964 - Canadian Figurative painter - Night Tango in Paris


Drum Solo


As a kid, I pictured having some sort of devoted ensemble cast around me when I grew up. A posse. A crew. At least a couple devoted best friends who were always there.

I don’t know why I believed that. Looking around it should have occurred to me that even my social butterfly mom was very much alone for the hard parts, the major decisions.

That was the shock of being an adult. Finding out how all of us are stuck in our own anguished, endless drum solos..


Till it bleeds.

How’s it Gonna Be?

Someone should really do a purely dedicated Third Eye Blind tribute blog.

But that’s not what this is.